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Inappropriate behavior of the wind turbine blade will cause loss of millions of dollars. Prevent it.

Fiber Optic Sensor

The sensor developed and patented by us can predict and prevent wind turbine blade failure saving millions of dollars.


The easy to use and understand software works as a health monitor for blade and alarms potential failures.

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Optic sensors to detect abnormalities in wind turbines.

The proposed fiber-optic sensor is a patented technology developed at NYU in the lab of Technical Lead Dr. Nikhil Gupta. The sensor is capable of measuring vibration amplitude and frequency. The application of sensor will allow real time detection of abnormality in the blade such as crack initiation and bird hits causing damage and allow repairs or replacement before the blade fractures.


Wind Turbine blade sensor development funded by PowerBridge

Finally, an inexpensive vibration sensor that signals blade problems.
A cleverly simple vibration sensor made of a loop of thin fiber-optic cable and a fixed wavelength laser promises to take cost out of turbine-blade maintenance by letting owners spot problems as they occur. The device, already with two patents, won $150,000 for further development in New York’s PowerBridge competition.


Yi Yang


Nikhil Gupta

Technical Lead

Skandh Garg


Lindsay Drogin

Professional Counsel

Their low cost efficient solution has real potential to take down the existing market.

Ilaria Campioni

Phd, Researcher at NYU

Great capitalisation of gruesome problem prevalent in this industry and an elegant solution for the same.

Xianbo Xu

Phd, Mechanical Engineering

Blue Instrument's wind turbine blade sensor development research funded by PowerBridge.

Shivika Gupta

Researcher of NLP